A dashboard for your city

Mappify's dashboard enables your office to keep an eye on vital analytics, urgent updates, and live statuses at a glance. View live vacancy rates for parking garages and smart meters, past performance, and detailed breakdowns. Build and manage custom maps to display restauraunts, attractions, and the best your downtown has to offer.

Take control of parking and building analytics
  • Real-time updates from sensors and smart meters
  • Enterprise level security to protect your data
  • Custom layouts

Customizable maps

Mappify is built on vector maps, an advanced approach to mapping where data is delivered and rendered in real-time. Enjoy smooth, fast maps on all screens. You can search and filter parking and buildings using Mappify with worldwide, detailed street data. Highlight buildings to add interactivity. Take full control over everything from building boundries to data overlays, giving your constituents all the information they need to find the best in your downtown.

Mappify is versatile
  • Fast and lightweight. Vector maps are roughly one-fourth the size of traditional raster implementations, which means greater performance and cost savings.
  • Dynamic design. You can cstomize every aspect of your map, from tweaking the colors, to uploading custom pins, to choosing which information to present on your map.
  • Plot thousands of properties. Our API makes it easy to handle and filter large datasets on your map.
Map Skew
Phone Map

Parking solutions

Show visitors where parking is available when they need it. Direct them to the closest parking with vacancies automatically, taking advantage of real time data.

No more lines, no more waiting.
  • GPS tracking and directions. Ensure that visitors find available parking instead of wasting time looking around.
  • Smart parking. Integrate smart meters and sensors to access a host of untapped analytics and statistics.
  • Active distribution. Prevent popular parking from over-crowding by instead directing drivers to more vacant options.

Bring more business

Increase downtown traffic with ads

Help visitors stop by local stores and shops by highlighting popular destinations, favorite restaurants, or local attractions. Your local stores will enjoy new audiences and customers.

Take advantage of the built in advertisement platform by pinning suggested stores to the top of listings, creating custom pins to stand out from the crowd, or a banner ad on the map.

Let's work together.