Create maps that drive traffic.

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Dynamic Mapping Tools

Every city is different and it's important that your map best represents your city.
The Mappify team works with every client to make their mapping style unique to them. Get your city on the map using our suite of polygon and line drawing tools. We made it easy to advertise everything there is to offer in your city.


Showcase everything there is to do! From the best places to dine, the best museums in town, to the nicest park to have a picnic.


Don't let the hassle of finding parking prevent people from visiting. Mappify integrates with your parking data to show real-time vacancy rates on all your parking garages and smart meters.

Routes and Trails

Utilize our line drawing tool for wayfinding. Plot your city’s bus routes, create paths for special events, or just show off the best hiking trails around. The possibilities are endless.


Getting the word out about your events couldn’t be easier. Inform people about all the events going on so they can make sure to mark it on their calendars.

Unlock Innovation

Have more to show then just your downtown? Want to create separate maps to display different pages of your site? No problem.

We made it simple to create new maps that you can embed on any page you want. Adding a new map to a page is as easy as copy and pasting.

Start mapping away! Don’t just upload your downtown. You can create maps for hiking trails, zoning laws, commercial buildings for lease, residential living, planned construction, you name it! If you can think of it, you can map it!

Smart Alerts

Let everyone know what’s going on. Send out alerts on your entire map, or link your alert to a specific location or parking garage.

Alerts are a great way to inform people about updates like parking garage construction and big events going on that might cause increased traffic.

Access Control

Effortlessly manage all your team members and content managers from one dashboard. You set the level of access so you have the control over who can see and edit what from parking, locations, events, to analytics and data integration.

Let's work together.