Grow with local businesses.

Everone earns more with Mappify Local.

Mappify pays for itself

Mappify Local

Mappify Local is your very own advertising network that you control. It’s an easy way for you to generate more revenue while supporting the growth of your local businesses.

Generate Revenue

You’re in control! You set the pricing and we take care of the billing so you don’t have to.

Local Vendor

Give local businesses a new way to drive sales. Creating an ad is easy and requires little work.


Easily control your advertisers, send them automated reports and watch the the money trickle in!

Mappify works for locals

Mappify Local drives targeted traffic to local vendors by placing ads directly in your map. Ads will be placed both on the web and within the iOS/Android apps for everyone to see.

Advertiser Platform

Creating an ad is as easy as creating a message and uploading an image. Advertisers can choose how they would like to advertise based on what works with their budget.
They can choose from uploading custom pins, coupons, showing up at the top of the search results and having a banner within the map. Once their ad is approved they have access to analytics that tracks engagement, daily reach and other important metrics.

Simple Management

The advertiser platform makes it so there’s no work on your end other than approving their ad! You set the pricing and have total control over approving ads. All it takes is one click for them to go live. That’s it!
Getting started is easy. You set the pricing and we take care of the rest. Once you approve an ad the ad goes live on your maps, and the advertiser is then billed automatically. We send the money directly to you and take care of all the recurring billing and automated reports.

Let's work together.